Hi, I'm Tibi.

I design and prototype experiences that blur the lines between the real and virtual world.

XR Projects

  • Portable VR Immersion

    LeapMotion  - VR - Backpack - Demo

  • Illusionary

    AR - Exploration - Puzzle

    • ​Designed a mechanic which gamifies the use of playspace in AR.

    • Prototyped an interactible diegetic level selection system.

  • Flexor - VR Carpal Tunnel Physiotherapy

    LeapMotion  - VR - Health - Hackathon

    • Designed and prototyped gamified wrist exercises to stretch the Carpal Tunnel muscle.

    • Accounted real case physiotherapy practices for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome prevention and recovery.

    • Created at HackTheNorth 2019 in 36 hours.